Listen To Your Body

I've always had an intense drive to optimize my health. As someone with several food sensitivities, I view food as preventative medicine and a fundamental aspect of wellbeing. I've tried every diet under the sun: Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, you name it.  Each one has something unique to offer but precaution should be taken whenever one makes such a dramatic lifestyle change. Especially given the prevalence of polarized research and strong opinion from experts in the media. 

Lesson # 1:  Don't Succumb To Dogma

I hold this lesson close to heart. I avoided foods containing gluten and dairy for years thinking it was outright healthy. Unfortunately, I wasn't inquisitive and failed to listen to my body. After a full-spectrum gut microbiome test (Thanks to Viome!), analysis showed I have zero sensitivity to such foods. Conversely, I was low in prebiotic fiber and probiotics that fermented ancient grains provide. Ever since incorporating sourdough into my diet, I've never felt better. Nowadays I eat Zaahh daily and still wake up early for yoga every morning with tons of energy! 

Lesson # 2:  Listen To Your Body

How do you avoid the downfall of Lesson # 1? Simply enough, just listen to your body. Although easier said than done, you'll master the task in no time with a little practice. 

I like to think of food sensitivities as communication protocols. Any time you react to a food: bloating, stuffy nose, dry mouth, itchiness, this is your body sending a message. The easiest way to better your health indefinitely is to learn how to interpret or decode these messages. Once you master this language, you'll discover the specific diet for you! 

Useful Questions To Ask Yourself: 

Which Foods Provide Me Sustained Energy? I prefer high-quality saturated fats such as grass-fed butter on sourdough!

Which Foods Provide Me Prolonged Satisfaction? Again, quality fat. Also probiotic foods like raw dairy and vegetable juices (e.g. kale - romaine - lemon - ginger). 

What "Healthy" Foods Don't Make Me Feel Great? I for one can't stomach avocados due to their high histamine content. I also don't digest strawberries well due to their pectins. Funny enough, I ate these in bulk for years thinking they were healthful.

Many friends and family initially thought it was ironic that I started a pizza company given my passion for health and nutrition. However, after feeling the benefits of consuming traditional foods such as einkorn, they understand Zaahh's mission and value. 

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Alexander Corsini