Wild West Sourdough

Made in Marin County

San Francisco, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Tiburon



Zaahh is a product of the scenic town of Mill Valley CA, nestled in the coastal Redwoods and ocean fog. Our sourdough pizza is a representation of the local culture: adventurous, health-minded and natural to the core. 


Our Partners

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As a technology salesman in the Bay Area for several years, I used baking sourdough and cooking as a means to mitigate the stress and long work hours. Eventually hitting a wall, I left the technology world in July 2017 to apprentice at Michelin Star restaurants and world-class bakeries to fine-tune my craft. Zaahh is s manifestation of my passion for cooking, baking and eating nutritiously. I look forward to hearing your feedback! 



"Never going out for pizza again" — Pierce C.

"I only eat sourdough because I'm gluten sensitive so this is a game-changer!" — Blake J. 

"I always knew you'd be a pizza man" — My Mom