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Feel Good About Pizza!

Whole Grains. Low Glycemic. Highly Digestible


As Seen In The Marin Independent Journal!

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Our Promise...

100% oRGANIC * THOUGHTFUL Ingredients * zERO coMPRoMISE



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"Zaahh Makes Me  Feel Great. I Could Run A Marathon After A Few Zaahh's!"

— Ellie, Napa County

Sourdough Science

Pizza nerds Unite!!! 


Huffington Post Article Here

Sourdough = Zero Commercial Yeast

We use a sourdough starter, or mixture of water and flour to leaven our pizza for both health and flavor. 

Sourdough For Health: 

Sourdough facilitates an acidic environment where good bacteria flourish and harmful microbes can no longer survive. This acidic environment helps break down a chemical barrier in grains that inhibits digestion and causes inflammation. We've all been there! 

Unfermented breads can pose a threat to our immune systems. This is particularly evident in those compromised by chronic illness or disease. Additionally, studies have shown that sourdough lowers the glycemic index of flours as opposed to breads with conventional yeast.







Alex Corsini, Pizza Guy 

Alex discovered sourdough as a means to mitigate food sensitivities. After apprenticing at Michelin Star restaurant, Kadeau Copenhagen and local bakery, The Mill, Alex discovered the beauty and benefits of making sourdough pizza. Zaahh's mission is to provide delicious and feel-good pizza that's accessible to everyone!