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Feel Good About Pizza!

Sourdough For Your Health

As Seen In The Marin Independent Journal!
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Why Go Gluten-Free When There's Zaahh!



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"Zaahh Feels Great. I Could Eat One Before Running A Marathon."

— Ellie, Napa County

Sourdough Science

Pizza nerds Unite!!! 




Sourdough = Zero Commercial Yeast

We use sourdough starter, an heirloom mixture of flour and water, to leaven our pizza for both health and flavor. 

Huffington Post Article Here






Alex Corsini, Pizza Guy

Alex spent years developing sales strategies for SaaS firms Twilio and Whil Concepts. He left in 2017 to focus on health as he developed an autoimmune disease related to diet and stress. When he discovered through medical exams that grains were causing major gut issues, he began fermenting them (ie sourdough) and found his symptoms relieved 100%. He wants to evangelize the importance of sourdough and demystify pizza as a traditionally unhealthy food.